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Thou has loved the Lion, mighty in strength by ealair

Hello. ^_^ I was looking at a few art pieces and found this and just had to give you a critique on it. It's beautiful! When I first saw it I thought you used charcoal, but found out you used colored pencils, which is not bad, but could give your piece a more dramatic effect.

Okay, so lets start with the positives. The shading or value is very good, and the sketch is amazing. I can see there is much detail on this and that you spent a lot of time drawing it. The golden theme really pulls everything together and gives the viewer a warm feeling.

Now the negatives. I wouldn't them negatives actually, but areas of opportunity. First off I would say that the piece is out of balance. There's simply too much open space by the left of the lion. And while the pose of both the lion and woman are great, it won't stop the viewer's eye in wandering to the left corner all the time. Also you should work on getting the lion's mane more flowing and free, and shining by adding some more reflections and dark areas such as by the lion's muzzle and behind the woman if that makes any sense.

Overall though I think this is a wonderful piece in the making. It's very interesting and beautiful in every aspect.
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ealair Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Your critique is really useful to me. I already knew that I could have added more details, but the fact of balance you described really caught me unprepared! Thank you for telling me, I'll work more on composition, too, from now on! Also, thanks for taking your time writing what you think about my drawing, I really appreciate it (:
SonicBornAgain Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your most welcome my friend. <33 Glad to be of service. ^_^
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